“Tough Mother” – Hold My F*cking Coat! I’m Going In!

Right, where to begin? Tough Mother was created as challenge for men to step in women’s shoes for 48 hours in order to live their lives as the primary caregiver. I think it was done with a wry sense of humour – I think – the idea being that what most mums would like for […]

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My Kids are Superheroes!

A little while ago I sat in the garden after work with a glass of wine and watched my kids play. As the sun went down so did the wine and for some reason I took it upon myself to start tweeting about the kids’ game. This is it. A short Twitter story called, My […]

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My ANZAC Day – by an Englishman

It’s an honour. It always is. My first real experience of Australia nearly ten years ago was in a small country Queensland town. I found myself teaching in a primary school wearing full shirt and tie surrounded by people in shorts and polo shirts. They had an assembly but called it a parade and I […]

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Holy Gender Merch, BatGirl! Here Come the Ladies!

Super Hero Girls!   Yes! Do you know how long I’ve been hanging out for something like this! Well, I could probably tell you the exact length of time down to the day if I tried… from the moment we knew we were having a little girl my Spidey-senses started tingling and I was looking […]

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parenting leunig

The Art of Parenting according to Leunig

Last week I frantically scratched notes into my journal as I listened to the cartoonist Michael Leunig give a talk on spirituality and art. I sat in the front row of a packed auditorium and filled my scruffy little book full of barely-legible chicken-scratch on topics as diverse as education, politics, art, philosophy, religion, and […]

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Dads Behaving DADLY2 Front Cover

I’m In A Book! – Dads Behaving Dadly 2!

That’s right folks! I finally made it between the covers with a load of men! Wait, no, hang on a moment! The covers of a book! A book written by men. A book written by dads from all over the world. About being dads. And I’m in it. Twice. And I’m all kinds of excited […]

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When I was a young lad in the north of England we went camping at least once a year. The holidays were usually quite similar; we packed the car (and sometimes the trailer – depending on which car/van/trailer combination Dad had that year) and drove¬†off to the Lake District or Scotland for a week or […]

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Sh*t My Kids’ Say # 48 – Who is John?

Over the course of the last few weeks I’ve been away from home a lot. Those who follow Dadrites on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram will have a good idea of what I’ve been up to – school camps, best friends visiting from England, sailing with amazing people, and conferences (with MICHAEL LEUNIG!!!). It’s been a […]

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Good Men

Where Have All The Good Men Gone and Where Are All the Gods?

The Missus and I sat down to watch The Book Thief with a glass of wine a wee while ago. It’s one of my favourite novels so I was looking forward to the movie but with that strange trepidation book-nerds always have when one of their favourites is being adapted. I thought it was quite […]

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You’re Thor! I’m Tho Thor I Can’t Take a Pith!

Stop the press! The new iteration of Thor is a woman and apparently this signals the end of the freaking world or something! The internet has exploded with basement-dwelling asshats spitting chips ‘n’ dip all over their screens in a haste to mash out some ill-conceived and misinformed sexist bullshit over the comic book world’s […]

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