Doctor Who

Humany-Wumany! – 11 Things Doctor Who Taught Me About Being a Dad

Having only started watching Doctor Who this year I’m more Noobian than Whovian, so why do I feel like I can write a post about The Doctor? Well the Missus and I have marathoned 5 seasons or so in a very short space of time. Eccleston, Tennant and Smith have been daily figures in our lives […]

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V for Vasectomy

So I was approached by Durex to write a post about contraception. Haha! Awesome! That was quite a fun moment for me opening that email. Almost as fun as the first time I actually bought the product in question. I did it the same way everyone else my age did – lingering around a pub […]

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I got a sticker!

A short story about a little man with a big heart. Yesterday I took my boy to watch the local football – that’s real football by the way, the one where you use your feet and kick a ball – we watched the schoolboys play, then the town reserve team and half of the premier […]

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I'm gutted this is the only photo we have. Got to love the days of single-use cameras and the lottery that was development!

Tally-Ho! Pip Pip!

When I was a kid my dad used to come home from work in a different vehicle with bizarre regularity. We had Ladas, Mini Metros, Rovers, Transit Vans, A Mini Bus, Jeeps, a freaking truck! Motorbikes, Kombis and a whole array of assorted family cars. I’m pretty sure it drove Mam mental (pun intended) then […]

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Who Wants Toast? – the time we made a slice.

Yesterday was a tough day. A tough day that had followed a sleepless night. But it was one of those tough days that somehow puts you in a good mood. By the time I got in from work (passing the kids’ Nanna in the driveway) and pulled off my tie I was ready to run […]

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“Tough Mother” – Hold My F*cking Coat! I’m Going In!

Right, where to begin? Tough Mother was created as challenge for men to step in women’s shoes for 48 hours in order to live their lives as the primary caregiver. I think it was done with a wry sense of humour – I think – the idea being that what most mums would like for […]

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My Kids are Superheroes!

A little while ago I sat in the garden after work with a glass of wine and watched my kids play. As the sun went down so did the wine and for some reason I took it upon myself to start tweeting about the kids’ game. This is it. A short Twitter story called, My […]

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My ANZAC Day – by an Englishman

It’s an honour. It always is. My first real experience of Australia nearly ten years ago was in a small country Queensland town. I found myself teaching in a primary school wearing full shirt and tie surrounded by people in shorts and polo shirts. They had an assembly but called it a parade and I […]

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DC Super Hero Girls_5537ee21c01bd1.39734216

Holy Gender Merch, BatGirl! Here Come the Ladies!

Super Hero Girls!   Yes! Do you know how long I’ve been hanging out for something like this! Well, I could probably tell you the exact length of time down to the day if I tried… from the moment we knew we were having a little girl my Spidey-senses started tingling and I was looking […]

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parenting leunig

The Art of Parenting according to Leunig

Last week I frantically scratched notes into my journal as I listened to the cartoonist Michael Leunig give a talk on spirituality and art. I sat in the front row of a packed auditorium and filled my scruffy little book full of barely-legible chicken-scratch on topics as diverse as education, politics, art, philosophy, religion, and […]

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