Oh, Poo!

So there I was, having a nice afternoon beer coffee. I’d barely done a damn thing all day and was topping my epic productivity off by slowly swinging in a hammock, sipping my brew and reading comics. Suddenly, the boy jumps down from the trampoline where he’d been wrestling the dog and bolts inside at […]

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Who is the child

Who is the child?!

A father son camping trip failure. I’m very critical of myself, I know, but I’m also pretty certain I completely failed as a father when I tried to take my son camping earlier this week. We had talked about it for a long time. A boy trip. He was very excited. I was very excited. We […]

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Sh*t My Kids’ Say # 50!

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me! Happy Birthday to me-ee! Happy Birthday to me! Well, it isn’t really me is it, it’s the kids and their unerring ability to come out with comedy gold. To be honest, 50 is selling it short. Very very short. Since RatBoy started kindy he’s finally got a […]

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A Saturday morning story

She’d been sick for days. Coughing each evening as the temperature dropped, unable to clear her throat, raspy hacks waking her just as it seemed she might finally get some rest. And of course mum was there beside her through it all. They played musical beds in the evening. Dad climbed in with her on […]

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Today is R U OK? day. Ask someone the question If you have concerns Just to be kind Because you care Because compassion is so important ask Are you okay? Then listen The following is taken directly from the website, In 1995, much-loved Barry Larkin was far from ok. His suicide left family and […]

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36 random little things that make me happy

There’s a lot of bad juju in the world at the moment so rather than the obligatory Father’s Day post that most people might be expecting I decided to create a list of all the random little things in the world that make me happy. I’m hoping some of the items in this list will be […]

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The News today

THE CONTENT OF THIS POST MAY CONTAIN TRIGGERS. IT DEALS WITH THE MEDIA COVERAGE OF DEATH. PLEASE CONSIDER THIS BEFORE READING.     I can’t take this shit anymore. Is the world so desensitised to horror and tragedy that a few lines of WARNING, GRAPHIC CONTENT is enough for us? I mean sure, it’s in […]

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brush your teeth

Groundhog Day 2 – Brush your teeth!

“Okay kids, time to brush your teeth. And can we please not have the carry on we had last night?” And there it is. Groundhog Day! EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT I say those words to my kids. EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT. And EVERY. SINGLE. NIGHT I sit back down and think to myself, ‘they’ll be alright.’ Sometimes […]

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#dadtag – when did you really know you were a dad?

Seems like a straightforward question, doesn’t it? But there’s more to it than the simple, ‘when I had a kid.’ This is part of the #dadtag and the question was posed by the bearded bard, Seamus at Dadinating the Countryside. My response is below, along with my question to another great Aussie Daddy Blogger. Enjoy. […]

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StraightOuttaSomewhere (9)

Straight Outta Parenting

A collection of Straight Outta Compton memes about my life as a dad. Okay, I got a bit bored. Then a bit carried away. But I like them, so here they are. I made all of these memes over at the Straight Outta Somewhere website. It’s good fun. Really good for wasting an hour or so […]

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