The (ongoing) Adventures of Duck Duck

This is an extract from a post I wrote in November called The Kindness of People, We lost ‘Duck Duck’ on holiday. RatBoy was heartbroken! I called every place we stayed and sadly no-one could find Duck Duck, but you know what? They looked! They didn’t have to, but they looked. And then, when I called […]

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Pride square

Pride Goeth Before Destruction!

“Pride goeth before destruction!” That’s biblically accurate. It isn’t, ‘comes before a fall’ like most people think. If you don’t believe me go to the source material… The Simpsons. Season 4. Episode 3. Homer the Heretic. I’ll wait. This photograph was taken by my lovely wife. She posted it on Facebook a few hours ago and […]

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being a grown up sucks

10 Reasons Why Being a Grown-Up Sucks!

I’ve spent a substantial amount of my life wishing I was older and now I understand just how ridiculous that was! I look at my kids and realise that they have far more wisdom in their tiny bodies, growing brains and big hearts than I’ve ever had. I asked my daughter what her favourite thing was and […]

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Lovely Kids

Lovely Sh*t My Kids Do # 1

I whinge too much. There, I said it. Non-Australian readers might not be familiar with the term, a whinging Pom, but the Aussies certainly will be. It seems I’m playing up to the stereotype. A lot of my posts lately have taken on a Peter Griffin, ‘You Know What Really Grinds My Gears’ style, and […]

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FIFA 16 Women’s Teams. Little boys lose their minds.

The new FIFA football game, FIFA 16, includes 12 International Women’s Teams and it appears little boys all over the internet have lost their tiny minds. I have a Twitter account. I really only use it to stalk celebrities I admire and pester my favourite authors for writing advice but occasionally I tune in to […]

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shit on a stick

Shit on a Stick!

Mummy, what’s for dinner? Oh god, do we have to feed you again? We fed you yesterday! Daddy, what’s for dinner? Shit on a stick.   It’s no wonder our kids are a little weird when you consider the nonsense their parents come out with. It is pretty much a daily struggle for the poor […]

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Doctor Who

Humany-Wumany! – 11 Things Doctor Who Taught Me About Being a Dad

Having only started watching Doctor Who this year I’m more Noobian than Whovian, so why do I feel like I can write a post about The Doctor? Well the Missus and I have marathoned 5 seasons or so in a very short space of time. Eccleston, Tennant and Smith have been daily figures in our lives […]

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V for Vasectomy

So I was approached by Durex to write a post about contraception. Haha! Awesome! That was quite a fun moment for me opening that email. Almost as fun as the first time I actually bought the product in question. I did it the same way everyone else my age did – lingering around a pub […]

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I got a sticker!

A short story about a little man with a big heart. Yesterday I took my boy to watch the local football – that’s real football by the way, the one where you use your feet and kick a ball – we watched the schoolboys play, then the town reserve team and half of the premier […]

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I'm gutted this is the only photo we have. Got to love the days of single-use cameras and the lottery that was development!

Tally-Ho! Pip Pip!

When I was a kid my dad used to come home from work in a different vehicle with bizarre regularity. We had Ladas, Mini Metros, Rovers, Transit Vans, A Mini Bus, Jeeps, a freaking truck! Motorbikes, Kombis and a whole array of assorted family cars. I’m pretty sure it drove Mam mental (pun intended) then […]

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