#dadtag – when did you really know you were a dad?

Seems like a straightforward question, doesn’t it? But there’s more to it than the simple, ‘when I had a kid.’ This is part of the #dadtag and the question was posed by the bearded bard, Seamus at Dadinating the Countryside. My response is below, along with my question to another great Aussie Daddy Blogger. Enjoy. […]

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StraightOuttaSomewhere (9)

Straight Outta Parenting

A collection of Straight Outta Compton memes about my life as a dad. Okay, I got a bit bored. Then a bit carried away. But I like them, so here they are. I made all of these memes over at the Straight Outta Somewhere website. It’s good fun. Really good for wasting an hour or so […]

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Drogon and Daenerys

My son is Drogon. My Daughter is Daenerys.

Weird right? Let me explain. We have a tradition where we collect our friends and put them on a shelf in our living room. Wait, that’s weird as well isn’t it? What I mean is this, we’re nerds. So we like collecting nerdy things, but we’re also parents of two kids on two small salaries […]

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Say no to your kids!

I said no to the kids in the shop today and I swear a lady looked at me like I’d just juggled three dwarves… on fire… blindfolded. She turned to her own kids – who were begging for chocolates like a couple of Dickensian orphans – and I could see the N word forming bravely […]

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training wheels

The Dad Rites of Passage # 6 – Goodbye training wheels!

I had been away for a few days with work and only got back home late Saturday afternoon. I thought I’d have a nice long sleep-in on Sunday but the boy had a different idea. You see, he’d made a comment the previous weekend about learning to ride his bike ‘on two wheels’ and I […]

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toilet paper jesus

Sh*t My Kids’ Say # 49 – Jesus

  We try not to blaspheme in our house. It isn’t really through a sense of duty or piety but more an ingrained sense of tradition and the fact that we swear enough as it is anyway; best not to piss off the gods, right?! Just in case! The kids have been known to drop the […]

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what did you do at school

What did you do at school today?

Ah, the moment you realise you’re turning into your own parents. This question, what a cracker. I remember my Mam asking me as we sat down for dinner. I’d invariably grunt something along the lines of ‘nothing’ which would of course be met with a laugh and some sarcastic comment. Actually, now that I really […]

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State Finals

My Daughter Made the State Finals!

My daughter got to state finals! STATE FREAKING FINALS! Woohoo! I never got to state finals for anything. About the closest I ever got to success in school was for picking my own ticket out of a raffle. It was a beautiful moment, forever etched in my memory, the disbelieving faces of my peers and […]

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dad tired

Sh*t Dad Does – when he’s tired

I knew today wasn’t going to go according to plan when I realised at 6am that we had no coffee. I can liken the pain of that discovery to only one other time in my life. This was when, after a very hard week at work, I cobbled together enough coins for a bottle of […]

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