Look for the helpers

There’s a famous saying, ‘look for the helpers’. When times are hard and there seems to be nothing but horror in the media, look for the helpers. There are always people helping. There are always good people doing good things. It’s been really difficult to focus on that this week. Our TV is turned off. […]

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Christmas Craft

Cool Sh*t to do with kids # 10 – Christmas Craft

In keeping with my trend of minimal writing this week, here are a few photos of what the kids and I got up to yesterday! We had a little Christmas craft session and created some toilet-roll characters!   Luckily we had all of this stuff lying around, an accumulation of years of half-arsed craft ideas […]

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It’s time to spread some (Lego) Christmas cheer!

There’s far too much crap going on in the world. I’ve been finding it very difficult to sit down and write this last week so instead I sat down with my kids and played with Lego. We took photographs and made a series of pictures. Hopefully they’ll make a few people smile and spread a […]

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Lego Nativity

Cool Sh*t to do with kids # 9 – Lego Nativity!

I decided it was time we explored the true meaning of Christmas with the kids – so we created a Lego Nativity scene! We spent the better part of a morning putting this together. Both kids were heavily involved. It was RatGirl’s idea to use Gandalf and Saruman as two of the wise men. You […]

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Dress up 1

Hold My Coat, I’m Going in – “No Gender December”

I don’t often address politics on Dadrites but I spent a large portion of today procrastinating reading the news and silently shaking my head at some of the more ridiculous click-bait headlines out there. The world of journalism seems to have descended into a pattern of making the most controversial statement you can in order […]

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A grown-up post… about Lego!

Every now and then I get asked to write a grown-up post about something grown-up – this is one of those times. So, at the request of Clime, I’m going to write about something very grown-up indeed – Value Investing – and erm, Lego! I tend to live my life in hindsight- lamenting the opportunities […]

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what my boy did

What My Boy Did…

Let me tell you about what my boy did last night when we went out for a family meal. But first I need to set the scene by telling you a wee story from about ten years ago. I was walking down the main street of York in England with a group of friends. It […]

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People's Choice Credit Union

All I want for Christmas… is a personal loan?

Christmas is coming and I, for one, am ridiculously excited! I love Christmas! I love everything about it! I love that I have traditions from my own childhood, and that we have combined them with those from my wife’s. And, of course, we have developed our own. On 1 December, we decorate the house, throw […]

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