Time for something a little grown up

Time for something a little grown-up and it starts with a confession. When I was 22 years old I was declared bankrupt. Yep. I’d love to say that I was a prodigy who made a million and lost a million but I wasn’t. I was 50% unlucky and 50% a total bloody idiot. Let’s deal with the […]

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Monster under the bed!

Every night, for seemingly as long as I can remember, RatBoy has woken up screaming in the wee hours. He used to scream and shout for Mummy and Daddy and mumble something about ‘scissors’. We had no idea what was going on. It always seemed to be just at the moment we were falling asleep […]

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DadRites’ Sweetest Dad Competition (Krispy Kreme!)

It’s nearly Father’s Day folks and so I have a pretty sweet competition for you all! Donut miss out! Enter now and you might get your just desserts! (I’ll stop now!) I’m steering away from the fitness stuff for this one because this is all about another great love in my life… donuts! And you […]

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Sh*t My Kids’ Say # 40 – Weirdo

  A very quick one from RatGirl this morning. There is no real context behind this Sh*t My Kids Say. Just a random statement. RatGirl was dancing around on the trampoline completely oblivious to everything and everyone else, totally wrapped up in her own little world when suddenly she paused, and to no-one in particular, […]

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You have to say, that's pretty darn sexy!

Small Cars are Awesome Cars!

This post is in collaboration with Ford! (look at me branching out!) I cop some abuse for driving a small car. Most of the people in my town drive some form of armoured personnel carrier and it is not uncommon for me to pull alongside folks in traffic only to look out my window and […]

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My kids are obsessed with butts!

“You’re a butt!” “No you’re a butt!” “You’re a butt-head!” “You’re a butt-face!” “You’re a butt-munch!” “Haha! Butt-munch!” “You’re a butt-fish-tank!” “You’re a butt-tv!” “You’re a butt-fart!” (Half an hour of laughing) “Butt-daddy!” “Butt-mummy!” “Super Butt!” ‘Buttman!” “He lives in a Butt-cave!” “He lives in a Butt-cano!” (This is a butt volcano apparently and resulted […]

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The Missus has a new favourite!

My mother-in-law just bought The Missus a battery-powered device that seems to be making her happier than I ever have! She’s doing it in the living room, the dining room and the kitchen. It’s vibrating all over the house. Apparently it ‘loves carpet’ which seems to make her very happy and ‘not a lot of […]

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Daddy’s Car – The Jaguar F-Type!

This post is in collaboration with Jaguar! (Yes! THAT Jaguar!)   Alright, I know. People laugh at me for my taste in cars so what am I doing writing a post about Jaguars?! Well I’m totally used to the ridicule I receive and I not-so-secretly kind of enjoy it. I do feel totally out of […]

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Sh*t My Kids’ Say # 39 – Jumanji

On Tuesday afternoon when the kids came home from school and kindy they found Daddy on a mattress in the front room watching movies and feeling pretty bloody sorry for himself. And because they’re awesome, they piled me with teddies and jumped in with me. I’d been having a bit of a Robin Williams marathon […]

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Why I Write…

There is a meme doing the rounds of the blogosphere at the moment called Why I Write where people put together a little post then nominate other bloggers to do the same. It’s kind of like the Ice Bucket challenge but without the lying about donations and shriveled scrotum. I was nominated by Seamus of Dadinating the Countryside and […]

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