Mortein Giveaway! – because… bugs!

I am very grateful to my father for teaching me how to wear a suit properly and tie a decent Windsor knot. It is something that I’ve taken great pride in and something I will pass on to my own son. When I started teaching in the UK we were expected to wear full business […]

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Shit My Kids Say

Sh*t My Kids’ Say # 45

A short one for you… The Missus has bright red hair. She recently tried to dye it blonde. It went pink. VERY pink. When we were giving the kids a goodnight kiss RatGirl left us with this parting comment… Mummy, I like your hair. When you die we can take a photo to remember it. […]

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Modern Society

15 things that piss me off about modern society!

Sometimes I can’t quite believe I’m bringing my kids up in this world! I know we all have our little gripes, moans and pet-peeves that we occasionally like to rant about – and we all have our triggers that set us off – so allow me to start this by telling you what pushed me over the […]

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The time I thought I was dying – sort of

I was alone at home. The Missus was in the city and the kids were in bed. Not a great combination really because I suffer from the health equivalent of that sensation you get when you have a shower and you’re the only adult in the house. You know the one, that feeling that as […]

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toilet paper

Sh*t My Kids’ Say # 44 – Toilet Paper

Son get the toilet paper and blow your nose. Where’s the toilet paper? Over there on the table. There’s no toilet paper. Yes there is. It’s right there. Where? Your hand is touching it! That’s not toilet paper Don’t be silly, yes it is. It isn’t. It is. It isn’t! It is bloody toilet paper […]

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I had a conversation about censorship the other day and it swung in a direction I wasn’t expecting; the preservation of innocence. It is sadly an angle I had never really given much thought to and I really should. I am not a fan of censorship as I’ve said before – as long as open […]

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Yes, this is genuine.

The Kindness of People

Far too much attention is given to bad people. The media is saturated by horror stories of people being arseholes to other people. It’s often hard to believe that there are any good folk left out there. But that’s a really negative way of looking at things, because I know a LOT of really kind people. […]

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Halloween and Nightmares

Tomorrow evening is Halloween, but I live in Australia so most people don’t give a damn about it. Even one of my students today called it ‘a load of Americanised crap to sell lollies’ (which I thought was pretty awesome for a 16 year old!) But Halloween it is and we have that bizarre incongruity […]

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“Daddy, what does tie dye mean?”

Haha! RatGirl asked me this when I finished work today so I thought, what the hell, I’ll show them! It seemed like the perfect time to destroy some clothes; the Missus is away, my mother-in-law isn’t here and so there was no-one to tell me not to do it! Unlike a lot of my random, hair-brained […]

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Happy Birthday to Me! (sort of!)

The last few weeks have been hectic; all kinds of hectic! And it turns out I’ve missed a few milestones. Dadrites clocked over 500 ‘likes’ on Facebook and I missed it’s first birthday! Poor neglected baby! Still, not as bad as RatGirl’s first birthday when I took part in Movember so all the photographs make […]

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