How do you speak to your kids?

We were watching Home Alone some time ago and a scene really stood out to me. I’ve seen this movie a thousand times but only recently have I watched it as a father. The scene in question is set the night before they go on holiday when the family are all together eating pizza and […]

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Shit My Kids Say

Sh*t My Kids’ Say # 46 ‘Merica!

“Daddy, I learned about ‘merica today?” “Where Darling?” “Merica?” “Do you mean America?” “Yes.” “That’s cool, what did you learn?” ” ‘merica is a place where those big sucky things come down from the sky” “Tornadoes?” “Yes, tornadoes, those big sucky things” “Did you learn anything else?” “Nope, that’s it. ‘Merica has big sucky things […]

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Budget Birthday Barbarian Battle!

It was RatBoy’s birthday and we were broke. Like, flat broke. Not in a student, ‘I’m broke but do you fancy a night out on the piss followed by a cheeky kebab and breakfast?’ kind of broke, but a, ‘we’ll eat toast for a week so the kids can have proper food’ kind of broke. […]

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A few years ago I left Facebook. I found I was wasting so much time checking my news feed and mindlessly thumbing through status update after status update that I wasn’t doing anything else. It got to the point where I’d find myself thinking of new and witty things to write for my own statuses […]

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The Best Parenting Ad Ever (maybe)

The Mother ‘Hood’ Ad I came across this ad today and I think it’s absolutely brilliant so I wanted to share it with you all. There are so many debates and arguments surrounding modern parenting that I often feel some people lose track of what it really means to be a mum or dad… we […]

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Cool Sh*t to do with kids # 11 – Ignore the Instructions!

My kids have a lot of Lego. For the last few birthdays and Christmasses they have received a variety of sets; Batman, Spiderman, The Hobbit, City, Lego Friends, Star Wars etc. and of course they both love The Lego Movie. A few days ago I watched as RatGirl ran around the front room with a […]

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Where’s Daddy?

I went back to work today. I’m one of those freaks who loves his job but it was still hard after having 6 weeks off with my kids. I know most working people who read that will be like, “6 weeks and you’re complaining! Cry me a river!” But anyone who knows anything about teaching […]

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free-range parenting

Free Range Parenting – thoughts

I didn’t intend to write a post today but as I was reading the news I came across this story about a family in America who are being investigated by child protective services – for letting their kids walk home from the park by themselves! There is more to the story of course but that […]

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A few nights ago we had our first experience of our kids sleepwalking. I was in the kitchen making a cup of tea (because we’re so broke after Christmas we can’t even afford wine) It was about 1030pm  and the Missus was lining up the final Suits DVD for us to watch. Suddenly, there was RatGirl. […]

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