The Time My Daughter had an Epic Poo on an International Flight

This post is in collaboration with Southern Cross Travel Insurance Yesterday I wrote a post about an upcoming holiday we’re taking with the kids and it got me thinking about the time we took RatGirl to England. She was about 18 months old and we went there for 6 weeks, stopping over in Japan on […]

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10 Tips for Surviving a Driving Holiday with Kids

We’re going on holiday! I can’t wait! It’s been ages since we’ve been away as a family. In fact, the last time was nearly two years ago when my Mam and her fella came over for Christmas. We had a ball but every school holiday since then has seen the Missus away for uni or […]

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A Man’s Opinion of Emma Watson’s Speech

You may have heard of Emma Watson. She portrayed a slightly well-known character in a marginally successful series of films based on some relatively popular books. She’s also been on a few other shows and met some famous people. Oh, and she graduated from University. She’s done alright for herself has Miss Watson. What you […]

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Dad Rites of Passage # 3 – Birth

I had a conversation with a man once (and I use that term in a purely anatomical sense) that went a little like this, How did you go with the birth? I wasn’t there. For child 3?  For any of them. Ahh shit, sorry mate. Couldn’t you get out of work or something? Nah, I was […]

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Blowing Bubbles!

Everyone loves blowing bubbles in their drinks. If you give a child a straw, especially a swirly straw, you can pretty much guarantee they’ll spend as much time blowing through it as they will sucking it. It is a natural reaction, because blowing bubbles is bloody good fun. For kids it’s even more fun. I can […]

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Tonight is my first night of the school holidays and the Missus is in Melbourne for a hen party. I should be at the respective stag-do but it’s totally impossible for us both to go so I wish her all the very best with our awesome friends! But, soppiness aside, the Missus also told me […]

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Cool sh*t to do with kids # 7 – Find a Field

  This one is a really good one to do if you have zero money and the kids are bored – just go find a field. A lot of people take their kids to parks, and we do too, but sometimes it’s really fun to see what they’ll come up with on a big field […]

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Cool sh*t to do with kids # 6 – Hide N Seek

This is one of the Rats’ favourite games! As I wrote on the picture though, I tend to get bored WAAAY before they do. They could play this forever! Although RatBoy, bless him, isn’t exactly a master of the art. He actually likes the whole ‘being found’ part far more than any other aspect. It […]

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Cool sh*t to do with kids # 5 – Tea Party

I’ll be relying on this one quite a lot in the next two weeks. Like I said, we’re broke. We hope to have enough dough in the second week to take the kids on a little driving holiday but in the meantime I need to find inexpensive and fun ways of entertaining these two little […]

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Cool sh*t to do with kids # 4 – Fishing

This one obviously needs a few things for it to work properly – a fishing rod for one, and somewhere to fish – but I’ve found that once you have the necessary equipment (and you can get rods pretty cheap these days) then fishing is an inexpensive and great way to spend some time with […]

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