Daddy’s Car – The Jaguar F-Type!

This post is in collaboration with Jaguar! (Yes! THAT Jaguar!)   Alright, I know. People laugh at me for my taste in cars so what am I doing writing a post about Jaguars?! Well I’m totally used to the ridicule I receive and I not-so-secretly kind of enjoy it. I do feel totally out of […]

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Sh*t My Kids’ Say # 39 – Jumanji

On Tuesday afternoon when the kids came home from school and kindy they found Daddy on a mattress in the front room watching movies and feeling pretty bloody sorry for himself. And because they’re awesome, they piled me with teddies and jumped in with me. I’d been having a bit of a Robin Williams marathon […]

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Why I Write…

There is a meme doing the rounds of the blogosphere at the moment called Why I Write where people put together a little post then nominate other bloggers to do the same. It’s kind of like the Ice Bucket challenge but without the lying about donations and shriveled scrotum. I was nominated by Seamus of Dadinating the Countryside and […]

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Philips Community Sports Dad of the Year!

This is a collaborative post. Every now and then I get the opportunity to be involved in something I feel is really worthwhile, this is one of those times…. Who Will Be Crowned Australia’s Next Community Sports Dad? This isn’t something I feel that I would be in the running for these days as my […]

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Sh*t My Kids’ Say # 37 & 38 – regarding cats

# 37 One of our cats is a little whore. She strutted around town and got herself knocked-up before we even had the chance to get her fixed. She is the family shame and we ended up with kittens. Four of them. You can imagine how that was with the kids… Rats and Cats! What a mix! […]

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Sh*t My Wife Does # 16

We were watching television and some handsome young sod strode confidently onto the screen and flashed his smile across our living room, completely ruining my night. I was sitting in the recliner with a glass of wine wearing my Batman shorts, an old football shirt, dressing gown and slippers. I was letting it all hang […]

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This Man…

This is an impromptu post composed on a mobile phone in the middle of a field. The first leg of school camp is over and I’m sitting in the sun looking at a glorious view while I wait for the next group to arrive. It’s a beautiful day; peaceful, warm and quiet, but the world […]

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The RatBoy Movie Quiz

I’m going to be absent from for a short while so I thought I’d leave a RatBoy-inspired quiz for everyone. This morning he asked me if we could watch a movie but as he’s  a little behind the eightball with his talking it took a fair bit of translation before I understood which one […]

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I don’t get involved in that Sh*t!

“I don’t get involved in that sh*t, it’s too complicated for me” I’ve said something along these lines a few times in my life. A situation arises that is so far beyond me that I just throw my hands up in the air and surrender. Shoe-shopping immediately springs to mind… ‘Do you like these?’ ‘Yes, […]

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I am the night

I am the night!

It was pitch black. I was buried deep under the covers with only the top of my face sticking out into the world… a world of comfort. My wife’s soft arm about my waist and her shallow breath warm on my neck. Bliss. But something had woken me. The wind was whipping around the house, finding […]

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Sh*t My Kids Say # 36 – Get F*cked!

I took RatGirl to the school musical last week and thought we’d make a proper date of it by going out for a meal together first. She wanted to wear her Elsa dress (bloody Frozen!) and so the Missus spent some time putting her hair up before we went out and I realised pretty quickly […]

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Dad Rites of Passage # 1 – Conception

This is a big one so it deserves to come first (no pun intended, get your mind out of the gutter!) In the words of my dearly departed and sorely missed Nan-in-Law, “it’s a miraculous thing isn’t it, getting her pregnant. One Splooge and your job’s done!” Wow Nan! Just wow! I bet she’s still having a […]

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Superdad Speedbible – A Book Review

Ryan Heffernan, as it says on the back of his book, is an Australian television producer, investigative journalist and writer. Ryan is also a member of The Aussie Daddy Bloggers Network and a damn fine bloke. His website, Superdad Speedbible is awesome! It goes without saying though, that Ryan’s greatest achievement, and the one he […]

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The Dadrites’ Guide to Standing out like a Sore Thumb on the School Run

This morning I did the school run. I used to always do it when the kids were in kindy but now RatGirl is in school (and I’m a teacher) I just can’t fit it in. This morning though was a bit of a cluster fuck at home and so I called my own school and said […]

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World Cup 2014 – The 5 Year Old Pundit

If, like me, you suddenly find yourself wandering around the house in the wee hours of the morning pawing at the TV screen, mewling for more football to appear, then you probably spent the better part of June/July watching every single game of the World Cup in Brazil… but like a 5 year old on a mountain of […]

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Dad Rites of Passage – An Introduction

“It seems that it is only the recent West that has deemed it unnecessary to “initiate” young men. Otherwise, culture after culture felt that if the young man were not introduced to “the mysteries”, he would not know what to do with his pain and would almost always abuse his power. It looks like they […]

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Daddy Daughter Dates

This morning on Sunrise they had a little feature about Daddy Daughter Dates, specifically, a video of a man who pulled out all the stops for his little 3 year old. Rather than me explain, here is the video… First of all, well-done mate! You are a brilliant father and you’ve created wonderful memories for […]

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Shit my wife does

Sh*t My Wife Does # 15 – Passive Aggression

I’m not 100% sure if ‘Passive Aggression’ is the correct term here to be honest, but I can’t think of a better way of describing it, and ‘Sh*t My Wife Does # 15 Be A Sarcastic B*tch’ just seems unnecessarily harsh! I was in the kitchen with the kids after they had their shower and […]

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Lego Dad

The Lego Movie has awoken a sleeping beast. It had been lying dormant for nearly 20 years but now it is back and it is hungry! So very very hungry! I freaking LOVE LEGO! And I think I’d forgotten just how much until recently, but now I have kids and they love Lego too! Let […]

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Sh*t my Wife Does # 16 – Teaches the Kids to Fight Dirty

Yesterday evening I got home from a long day at work, with the prospect of more work in front of me, so I decided to attack my children instead of facing it. I chased RatBoy and RatGirl around the house and through the rooms, playing “pew! pew!” with the boy and “hi-yaa!” with the girl. We […]

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